HD Simulator Videos

We take you from the briefing room to the simulator and back again sharing with you the thought processes of the Trainer and experienced Examiner.

We aim to give authenticity in our Simulator videos, we will not retake for perfection. This means mistakes can, and no doubt will be made giving us the opportunity to find the root cause in our virtual debriefs.

We never stop learning, because the 737 never stops teaching.

High Quality Briefings

Each briefing video has an in-depth analysis by two instructors. This enhances system and procedure knowledge before taking it to the simulator

How it all began...

This is a course that is long overdue, bringing training expertise into contact with modern technology to assist todays pilot in obtaining an in-depth knowledge of what is a complex jet airliner.

We wanted this course during our own training, and will use it ourselves to continue developing as 737 operators. All this made producing the course a natural next step. Enjoy!

Our Course Price Plan